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About Us

Its not about us, its about you.

Our style of design is all about what your likes and loves are. And thats because we create Themed concepts that truly have you in mind. 

We are the Holiday Decorating Difference.

We combine several things, to which differentiates BOOSBOWS from the rest.

Visual Merchandising. Introducing visual display techniques into our mix of what makes us different, adds the ultimate layer of whimsy, and fanciful touches.

Set Design. The right coordination of seasonal holiday themed ,interior furnishing and  exterior decor,  can take your home to a another level. We keep your next post in mind... always a perfect spot for that shot.

Interior design. Synergy between  your current interior style ,and  your new or current decor must be harmonious. For us, textures, lines, and pallets that support and contradict.  Themes that keep you visual stimulated.

Prop/ Ornament/ Fixture design and fabrication.

By the Fireplace

Let’s Work Together

Atlanta, Georgia

Phone: 678-653-6592

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