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Fluffing The Tree

Before you decide to add the ornaments to the tree, it’s first important to fluff it.

There are some who find this a cumbersome unneeded task even deciding to skip it all together.

I beg to differ, and feel this is possibly the most important step when decorating your tree. you ladies who wear makeup will understand when I say… it’s like putting on your base, To an artist it’s the canvas. For a builder it’s laying a smooth and sturdy foundation.

Think of it more like a canvas waiting to be painted.That canvas has been stretched and prepared before receiving its first layer of paint from a brush. And at the end of it all a masterpiece unveils itself.

To begin, This is for the folks with a pre-lit tree... plug in the tree. By plugging in the tree, this helps you to balance out the branches evenly. This process will keep you from bunching up too many lights in one area, where it looks too heavy, or too light in another.

You will want to start from the bottom and work your way up. At the same time, spinning the tree and shaping it winding your way up to the top.This method makes it easier to not miss any branches.

As you work around the tree, you will want to fluff each individual branch separately. Yes, thats right... don't take short can easily tell the difference if you do. So, its not the best idea.

Straighten out the branch. Not too straight, you want to give it a slightly relaxed form. Each limb should look natural. So give it a little wave or bend. once the branch is how you want it, you can start pulling each piece out towards you. Each spray (limb) should look full. Unbend, pull, and form the shape.

Once you've reached the top portion of the tree, the branches will become smaller. The smaller branches natural direction will angle out and upward. Follow this until you've reached the tip.

So be sure to check back with us as we share amazing tips on how best to accomplish your tree decorating plan.

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