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Just Beachy!

So, working with natural, and textured elements, are something that I look forward to every new season. But, just to keep it real, being a native Californian, natures coastal treasures can be my favorite. For many ears I've lived near the Pacific coast, where Christmas was always a combination of evergreen, drIftwood, sand, and surf. So for me, that's why, this time of the year holds such opportunity for creative expression. So this year, Im bringing a little bit of the West Coast to the ATL.

We'll begin this sizzling season with creating a round glass sea shell ornament that will really bring the beach to your holiday home.

Looking forward; In our next three issues, we'll decorate and share two uniquely designed coastal elements . And in the last of our "Just Beachy" series, we'll provide cool tips in decorating your tree.

What you'll need to begin

  • Sea Shells.

  • Glass ornament.

  • Ribbon, rope, or other type of hanger support.

  • Hot glue gun.

  • Hot glue sticks.

  • Scissors/ clippers.

  • Tweezers. (Optional)

  • Jar. This is a low cost way to keep your ornament securely placed as you decorate. (Optional)


  • Jewels, pearls, iridescent snow, other. (Add a little sparkle and glam.)

  • Gloves/ mask. (Some skin is more sensitive to the fibers released into the air, and left on your hands after touching).

To finalize preparation, i'll select the shells that I think will best fit my ornaments design. While keeping in mind that not all my initial choices may not layout as id like, so ill keep a few set aside as potential replacements.

If you choose to add pearls, rhinestones, or another gem to finish off your look, just simply dot each piece in more or less a diamond pattern around the surface of the ornament.

To create an ornament that is vibrant and appealing, I use shells of various shapes, colors, and textures.

Ill first create what I call the first layer of shells, the layer closest to the glass surface of the ornament it self. I focus on maintaining an even layer of shells around the surface as much as possible. Ultimately, creating an organically designed sphere.

To make this happen, it will take a bit of decisive placement, alternating between sizes and shapes. So, while I rotate the ornament, ill fit each shell to the design before I glue it down to secure it.

When adding the glue to the bottom side of the shell, I want to be sure that I'm adding enough to the areas of the shell that will actually rest on parts of the glass ornament and also portions of the other shells already

glued in place.

Push down with your thumb or finger with

just enough pressure to hold the shell in

place so it doesn't shift or slide from its

desired position.

Keep in mind that your final design will not be perfectly rounded, so don't be afraid to introduce

different shapes.

Maintain a balanced look as you rotate to add each shell. Balance is key when your thinking of how the ornament will hang from the tree, in addition to its overall look.

Lastly, don't forget, by adding a small amount of iridescent scatter flake evenly sprinkled around the surface of the ornament will give your decoration a chilly frosted look thats just in time for the holidays.


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